Burglary in several Vrijhof offices

| Redactie

Several offices in the Vrijhof building were broken into last weekend. For the time being, it seems that nothing has been stolen, but the burglary raises many question marks.

Monday morning began with a surprise for employees on the third and fifth floor of the Vrijhof building. Doors to their offices were open and so were many closets and desk drawers. Various objects have obviously been tampered with on many places and office supplies were not in their usual spots. Remarkably, objects of value were left untouched.

Benno Kiers, Head of Security, is still in the dark. ‘A striking story, because someone has been in several rooms, but it seems that nothing has been taken. Investigation is difficult, because there are no cameras in the concerned areas. I will speak to the local police officer on Tuesday to make a plan and we will keep a close eye on the buildings.’

Whoever invaded the spaces must almost certainly have done so using a master key. Kiers: 'That could mean anything. It could be someone from the past. In any case, the service desk has not lent a master key to anyone and it is still too early to review the entire key plan. In any case, this has our attention.’

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