Vidi grants for two UT researchers

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The Dutch Research Council (NWO) has awarded the Vidi grant worth 800,000 euros to two UT scientists: Jimmy Faria Albanese, Associate Professor at Faculty of Science and Technology, and Roelof Rietbroek, Assistant Professor at ITC Faculty.

Roelof Rietbroek and Jimmy Faria Albanese. (Photo of Roelof Rietbroek by Job Duim.)

Jimmy Faria Albanese has received the grant for his project Foams for Catalytic Upcycling of Plastics (FoCUs), which aims to contribute to a better recycling of plastics. Its goal is to develop new catalytic materials and processes that can ‘upcycle’ plastics into added value chemicals.

Within his Vidi research, Roelof Rietbroek will focus on the question ‘Are watersheds getting wetter or drier?’ The scientist will use satellite observations to see how atmospheric transport of moisture and river discharge are changing the water cycle and sea level. The project will focus on the region around the North Sea and in the Greater Horn of Africa.

The Vidi grant is intended for experienced researchers, enabling them to develop their own research line and set up their own research group within the coming five years. In the 2021 round, the grant was awarded to 101 researchers across the Netherlands, amounting to 16% success rate.


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