Van Aalst in European climate advisory board

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UT professor Maarten van Aalst is one of the fifteen members of a newly founded advisory board that falls under the European Environment Agency. The advisory board will provide the European Union with scientific knowledge, expertise and advice relating to climate change.

Photo by: Frans Nikkels

Van Aalst is one of the fifteen appointed ‘independent senior scientific experts’, the European Environment Agency announced yesterday. As part of the board, he has the task to provide independent scientific advice on EU measures and climate targets and their coherence with the European Climate Law and the EU's commitments under the Paris Agreement.

Maarten van Aalst is Professor of Spatial Resilience for Disasters Risk Reduction at the ITC faculty. Since 2019, he holds the Princess Margriet Research Chair, established by the UT and the Red Cross. He is also one of the driving forces behind the recently opened ITC Centre for Disaster Resilience.

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