Fake email about 'climate emergency' comes from University Rebellion

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The fake email that was sent to a large group of employees and students on Wednesday morning originates from University Rebellion Twente, a climate rebel club active at UT. The action group informed U-Today of this by email.

Photo: University Rebellion Twente during an earlier action at the O&O Square.

In Wednesday morning's fake email, University Rebellion - pretending to be the Executive Board - declared a climate emergency. The actual Board rejected the action. There were no wrong intentions behind the fake email, the protest group told U-Today anonymously. 'We do not want to harm, threaten or violate the UT. We only want to start the necessary conversation of change. Time is running out.'

The UT did not know who was responsible for the fake emails and how they had seized the addresses of 'thousands' of employees and students. According to University Rebellion, the email addresses were easy to find. 'Since Outlook allows all email addresses within the organization to be viewed and copied.'

University Rebellion is a nationwide protest group. The Twente chapter previously organized 'rebellious' climate actions on campus. They say the UT is guilty of 'greenwashing' and that the university should do more against climate change.

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