Walk-in café Ukraine in Bastille

| Redactie

The Student Union and the Human Resources department will host a ‘walk-in café’ in the Bastille, for whoever feels the need to talk about the war in Ukraine. Location of the café is the Global Lounge, to be opened this Monday.

The new initiative was announced in today’s email update from the Executive Board about the war situation. The walk-in café Ukraine is for students and employees ‘who for any reason feel the need to talk to others about the events in Ukraine in a safe place’, to tell their story, talk to others or find help.

Professional help

People can drop by any time the Bastille is open (on working days from 8:30-23.00, on Saturday from 12:00-17:00). On Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 12:30-13.30, professional help is also available.

Stay tuned

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