Vinod Subramaniam new chair of 4TU.Federation

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Vinod Subramaniam, President of the UT Executive Board, has been appointed the new chair of the 4TU.Federation. As of today, Subramaniam succeeds Louise Fresco who held the position for two and a half years.

Photo by: eric brinkhorst

The 4TU.Federation is an alliance of the four universities of technology in the Netherlands, aiming to boost and pool technical expertise. The members are the University of Twente, TU Delft, Wageningen University & Research and Eindhoven University of Technology. The goal of the technical universities is to ensure sufficient, well-trained engineers and technological designers.

Until March 2022, Louise Fresco, President of the Executive Board of Wageningen University & Research, was the chair of 4TU. During her term, she focused on strengthening the relationship between engineering and other sciences.

Fresco’s successor, Vinod Subramaniam, also emphasises the importance of technology for society and of interdisciplinary cooperation. The new 4TU chair also wants to promote more intensive collaboration with mbo (secondary vocational education) and hbo (higher professional education).

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