Share and Take Care: ‘We want to take people outside’

| Pim Eerden

The ‘Share and Take Care’ initiative from the UT and the Student Union has returned this year. The goal is to bring together students and employees who are unable to go home during the Christmas holiday. Activities include tennis, ‘wellbeing walks’ and a Nordic walking workshop.

Photo by: Frans Nikkels

‘People have spent enough time behind screens the last one and a half year, so we wanted to take people outside. The plans for this year were almost ready, but unfortunately, new corona measures have thrown a spanner in the works for most activities,’ says Julius Smit, a management trainee at the healthy campus project. ‘Right before Christmas, it is hard to change plans, but we are looking into what can still be possible.’

E-Cards, tennis and wellbeing walks

Certain activities are not cancelled due to the corona measures, says Jolijn Bussink, member of the wellbeing team of the human resources department of the UT. ‘Every day, the Language Centre offers a virtual Dutch Language Café, where people can meet each other and talk about various subjects, while practicing their Dutch. An E-Card generator can be used to send some virtual holiday wishes, and on a bulletin board, employees can ask each other about anything they like. Also, tennis on campus is still allowed and the DesignLab organises a wellbeing walk.’

‘We hope we can reach the students and employees who need it most,’ adds Bussink. ‘Wellbeing at the university is not the best in times of corona. People are aware of that, which means that most associations are willing to cooperate with us to organise fun activities.’

Nordic walking workshop

Specifically for vulnerable students, the corona measures still allow for exceptions to be made for certain activities. So on the 31st of December, a Nordic walking workshop will take place. ‘We want people to stay positive and be resourceful and proactive to do fun things in these hard times,’ says Smit. ‘The UT is growing and operating more and more on a 24 hours per day, seven days per week basis. Therefore, we investigate the possibility of keeping buildings or sports facilities open during the holidays. Next year, we hope to see a lively campus, without any restrictions due to the virus.’

An overview of the activities is available on the website of Share and Take Care, and announcements about the activities can also be found on the Instagram page ‘holidaysutground’.

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