UnBEATable festival cancelled: 'A huge disappointment'

| Jelle Posthuma

The UT-festival UnBEATable, which was planned for 12 November, has been cancelled because of the current Covid situation. This is not the right time to throw a party, says the Executive Board.

The Executive Board decided on this yesterday. 'The party was meant to celebrate the arrival of better times with students and staff,' says organiser Michèle Buis. 'But if you look at the current situation in the Netherlands, and at last Tuesday's press conference, this is not the time to celebrate. The government was clear: things are not going well and it is important to keep our distance.'

With a festival tent and big artists like Emma Heesters and Gerard Ekdom, it promised to be a 'brilliant night'. It is a huge disappointment for the organisation that the event has been cancelled, says Buis. 'We complied with all the measures, including the new rules. But the UT does not feel comfortable as an employer giving a big party at this moment.'

Around two thousand tickets had already been sold for the festival. 'And we expected to go to three thousand next week. People will get their money back within three to five weeks.' There will be no alternative in the short term. Perhaps something will be possible next year. We will have to go back to the drawing board.'  

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