80% of international students fully vaccinated

| Michaela Nesvarova

About 80% of foreign students coming to the UT are already fully vaccinated against coronavirus. This information comes from a survey distributed among new University of Twente students.

‘Through an anonymous survey we asked new international students if they wanted to get vaccinated,’ informs Angelique Holtkamp from the UT Student Affairs & Services. ‘The response rate was very good and, quite surprisingly, we found out that 80% of the respondents are already fully vaccinated.’

From the remaining 20%, the majority either already had one jab or wants to get vaccinated after arrival to Twente. ‘Only 2% of the students replied that they didn’t want to get vaccinated at all,’ clarifies Holtkamp. ‘This includes students from EU as well as non-EU countries.’  

‘We are collaborating with GGD (Municipal Health Service) and we have informed all incoming students on how to get vaccinated,’ says Holtkamp. ‘If they haven’t had any jabs, they are able to get a vaccine without an appointment and without the BSN number. If they had one shot, they need to consult the GGD first. Either way, everyone who arrives will be able to get a free vaccine.’

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