Sixteen living rooms, eight routes and two workshops

| Natasja Schaafsma

Going to bands, watching a pole-dancing performance or becoming an expert beer-taster. Things you might do once in a while, or maybe have always wanted to do. At Stukafest you can experience all these events in one night.

Stukafest is a yearly cultural event that takes place in the city centre of many student cities in the Netherlands. Artists perform in front of a small audience in student houses. Enschede has its very own edition which is distinguished by a diverse program, says Carlijn Rendering from the organisation. ‘You can go to a rave party in the so-called ‘Techno Bunker’, which includes intense visuals, and be at a chilled cabaret show an hour later. That is also what makes this event accessible. You can pick an act within your comfort zone or try to step out of it for a change.’

Cycling to performances

Mariska Veringmeier, chairperson of Stukafest, explains the concept of the night. ‘Sixteen living rooms in student houses have opened their doors to an artist. There are three rounds where you can pick an interesting performance to go to, followed by an afterparty which takes place in Bar Update.’

‘To open the night there is also a StukaHap, where we eat together before the actual rounds to the houses start. And it would not be Stukafest if there was no band to set the mood during this dinner,’ says Veringmeier. Getting to the performances is done in the Dutch way – by bike. ‘It is an experience in itself. You cycle through the city from living room to living room.’

Eight routes

This edition also includes two workshops, so there is plenty to choose from. If you have no clue what to choose, the board helps you out a little. Rendering explains: ‘This year we have added something new, we have set out eight different routes. There are for instance the ‘Do-It-Yourself’ route, ‘Under Influence’ route, and the ‘Society Themed’ route. Of course, you are still free to set up your own program. The routes are just to help you if you have no clue what suits you.’

This year's edition will take place on February 13th.

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