New Master programme on top of regular study

| Michaela Nesvarova

The UT offers a new educational programme, called ‘Shaping Responsible Futures’. This six months long extracurricular programme is facilitated by DesignLab and is open to all Master students at the university. The pilot edition will start in November.

Photo by: Gijs van Ouwerkerk

Shaping Responsible Futures is not an official Master study programme, but a transdisciplinary Master-insert programme which students can follow on top of their regular study. It is a full-time programme, meaning that participating students need to prolong their study by six months. Upon completion, they receive a Certificate on Shaping Responsible Futures together with their regular diploma.

Looking beyond your discipline

‘It is literally an investment, but it will help you become a better version of yourself,’ explains Professor Mascha van der Voort, the programme director. ‘In the programme we focus on attitude and skills training, on skills that you need to become a change leader and to tackle societal challenges.’  

Transdisciplinary collaboration is a key part of the programme, stresses Van der Voort. ‘As DesignLab we focus on grand societal challenges. Our partners have expressed the need for people who can look beyond their own disciplines. There is a need in society for such graduates, which is why we want to train them already at the university. We will go one step further than the existing multidisciplinary projects at the UT.’

Discussing and brainstorming

The curriculum consists of six modules and of 30 EC in total. It will cover topics such as transdisciplinary working, societal leadership and creative intelligence. The students will work in groups and be involved in hands-on projects. ‘There will be a lot of discussing and brainstorming,’ says Klaasjan Visscher from the organizational team. ‘They will be addressing complex societal issues, trying to answer questions such as “How do we make society healthier?” We hope to inspire them for great ideas and projects that they might pick up for their Master thesis projects or even after.’

Pilot project

The new Master-insert programme is currently a pilot project that will last at least three years. The first educational activities will begin in November 2019 and students now have the opportunity to apply. For more details, students can attend an informative session held on the 10th of September in DesignLab.

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