Hy2Care raises € 3.7 million in funding

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Hy2Care BV, a spin-off of the University of Twente founded by professor Marcel Karperien, has managed to raise € 3.7 million in funding. The startup, which has developed injectable hydrogels for the treatment of cartilage defects, will now be able to commercialize its technology for veterinary use as well as initiate human trials.

Photo by: Emiel Muijderman

Hy2Care was founded in 2014 by a UT professor Marcel Karperien. Together with his team of the Developmental BioEngineering group, Karperien has invented a new hydrogel device for repairing cartilage defects. The hydrogel technology enables a fast repair of acute cartilage defects that often occur as a result of falls, accidents and sports injuries.

The startup is located on campus of the University of Twente and will also set up new offices and laboratory facilities in the South of Limburg. Upon closing of the investment, the company will be joined by Leo Smit is its new CEO, while Professor Karperien will continue fulfilling the role of Chief Scientific Officer.

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