‘I’d like to see more collaborations with Canada’

| Michaela Nesvarova

Caroline Bolduc, Trade Commissioner Science & Technology from the Canadian Embassy, is visiting the University of Twente today. ‘I want to see how we could develop further collaborations between the UT and Canadian institutes.’

Caroline Bolduc (Canadian Trade Commissioner) and Margriet Dekkers (UT country coordinator for Canada)

Bolduc was invited by the UT’s country coordinator for Canada Margriet Dekkers. ‘It’s a fact finding tour for me. It’s my first time visiting Twente,’ said the Trade Commissioner. ‘My goal is to learn more about the university and its projects with Canadian institutes. I’d like to see how we could develop them further.’

‘I’m particularly interested in the field of smart health which I understand is up-and-coming at the UT,’ continued Bolduc. ‘I’d like to find innovative ideas for digital and remote health care. In Canada, we have to take care of a large number of people with various cultural backgrounds and often living in remote areas. I’d like to find out how we can ensure that these remote communities remain healthy.’

The Trade Commissioner was given the tour of the UT and she also held a presentation, offering an overview of funding opportunities and research priorities in Canada. ‘The Canadian Trade Commissioner Service is like “matchmaking”. We try to make a bridge between the right partners,’ said Bolduc, who herself would like to bridge Dutch and Canadian science and innovation. ‘I need projects from you, so I can help you bring them up a notch and help you find funding opportunities.’

Did Bolduc see any potential for collaboration with the UT during her short visit? ‘What I’ve learnt is that the collaboration is already happening. Researchers, students and companies find each other. But I would like to see more and I want to keep the communication channels open.’

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