Giels Brouwer no longer the CEO of SciSports

| Michaela Nesvarova

SciSports has announced a change in its leadership. The UT spin-off has appointed entrepreneur Louis Kinsbergen as its new CEO. Kinsbergen has replaced the company’s founder and UT alumnus Giels Brouwer, who will now have the position of Chief Innovation Officer.

Earlier this week SciSports issued a press release announcing that the company has raised growth capital with Sports Innovation Fund as lead investor and that a new CEO has been appointed to lead the UT spin-off.

In the release, Brouwer explains the reason for the change: ‘Starting up a company is entirely different from scaling it up, which is why we decided to bring in a passionate leader with the experience to grow the company in a sustainable way. We are proud to announce that Louis Kinsbergen has joined us as our new CEO. He brings in a wealth of experience in tech, scaling up, global expansion and the media industry.’

Kinsbergen is an experienced manager and entrepreneur. He started his career at Unilever and later on founded his company Emexus, which was acquired in 2006 by 2waytraffic / Sony Pictures. Now he will be head of SciSports, a sports analytics company focused on using science to understand football. SciSports was selected by the European Union as one of the next European Unicorns and the HYPE Foundation elected the company as the most innovative football company in the world (2017).