Health Week about nutrition

| Redactie

For the first time, the annual Health Week will take place in the spring, from the 28th of May until the 1st of June. Moreover, it is now co-organized with the Student Union, which means many of the activities are also available to UT students. The main theme of the event is nutrition.

The Healthy Market is another new addition to the programme. The market will be located in a different campus building every day from Monday to Thursday. It will include various stalls, where you can get information on physical and psychological health or grab a nutritious international snack. ‘We’ve asked international employees to prepare healthy snacks typical for their home country,’ clarifies Ingrid Bos-Bosscha, one of the organizers of Health Week. ‘Visitors will also get a chance to try products offered by the local De Viermarken farm, talk to a yoga teacher or a physiotherapist, for example.’

As usual, employees will also have the opportunity to undergo cholesterol and glucose level tests and blood pressure measurements. These measurements will be done in a different building every day and it’s still possible to register for an appointment. A dietician will also be present and can be consulted without a prior registration by all attendees, including students. 

You can find more information and a detailed schedule of the Health Week here.