‘It is fun and very student-like’

| Meilani Halim

Typically, a student either goes out for a beer, or out for a run. But DSTV Aloha and DAV Kronos say, ‘Why not both?’ On February 8th, a Beermile will be held at the University of Twente.

Photo by: unknown

In this race, competitors drink four beers and run one mile around UTrack. And if those four beers aren’t enough, participants get a free beer after the race at the bar next to UTrack. After the prize ceremony, the festivities continue in the sports centre.

World Championship

The Beermile, originating in America, is a popular activity in American and Canadian universities, and even has an official World Championship held in Texas. This year, sports associations DSTV Aloha and DAV Kronos have combined forces to host the UT’s very own competition. ‘The Beermile is the ultimate student activity, combining two important parts of student life: sports and beer, so we thought it would be awesome to bring the Beermile to the UT,’ says Fenna van der Grient, member of the Beermile organizing committee.


‘Of course, one of the main reasons for organizing the UT Beermile is that it is fun and very student-like,’ continues Fenna van der Grient. ‘Furthermore, we want to challenge people to try something they don't usually do. It is an easily accessible and entertaining event for students who don't usually run. They can see how much fun it is, and it is a good start of training for the Batavierenrace!’

The Beermile is not only for UT students – Saxion students and UT employees are also invited to participate. The runners may compete individually or in teams, ‘so we will soon know which association, house, department or other group will be best in combining running and drinking beer!’ adds Fenna van der Grient.

A new tradition

With all the hype that the UT Beermile has gotten so far, the committee feels that it is not something that should be organized only once: ‘If the first edition is a success, we will definitely organize it again and make it a new UT tradition!’

If you don't want to miss the first edition, you can still register.