A Day in the Life of: UT Nieuws

| Michaela Nesvarova

Have you ever wondered what we do every day besides writing articles? As this is the last edition of the UT Nieuws magazine as we currently know it, we thought we would give you a little peek into our daily activities. This is a typical day in the life of the UT Nieuws team.

09:00 In our office in the Vrijhof building, we start every day with a morning meeting, when we discuss the current issues and decide what we should focus on, who should write each article and when.

10:00 Interviews are naturally a big part of our job. Nearly every day, we interview UT students, researchers and many others in order to gain insight into various topics and acquire material for our articles.

10:30 We make sure to also attend important university meetings, such as the regular meetings of the University Council, which provide us with great background information about the running of the UT.

11:30 We of course need to prepare many articles every day, and so we spend a lot of time in front of the computer, whether we are writing articles for our website and magazines, researching topics or sending emails.

12:30 Our graphic designer comes several times a month to help us prepare our printed publications like this monthly magazine or our magazine specials. This is the time for editting and making any last-minute corrections.

13:00 Once the magazine is ready, our student team is kind enough to distribute its copies all over the UT campus.

14:30 Lately, we have also been busy with brainstorming sessions regarding our new identity. We collaborate with a design studio, which is helping us make exciting changes.

15:30 Our job is to report about everything that is happening at the University of Twente, we therefore attend many local events and activities.

16:30 Making sure our articles are accompanied by proper photos is also a part of our job description. Sometimes we are even present at the photo shoots, such as the ones for this photo story.

17:00 Although we sometimes need to work late, 5 p.m. is usually the right time to leave the office and get some energy for another full day of work.

The full photo story can also be found the latest (and the very last) issue of UT Nieuws magazine.

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