UT student organizes volunteer workshop

| Rense Kuipers

Master’s student Jagvir Brar (Educational Science and Technology) is giving a workshop about Rumie, this Thursday in the Ravelijn building. Rumie is a non-profit organization, aiming to make education affordable and accessible for children.

Photo by: Jellien Tigelaar

The Canadian start-up does that by sending cheap tablets carrying an online database called LearnCloud to for instance refugee camps. With the #LearnSyria campaign, they want to offer relevant educational resources to Syrian refugee children.


With the workshop, Brar aims to look for free online learning material, to upload it into LearnCloud. ‘At this moment, Rumie aims to help the Syrian refugee children staying in Turkey’, says Brar. ‘Teachers in the camps make their needs known, for example math or English. As a volunteer you can help by finding the right studying resources during the workshop.’

The Canadian Brar came up with the idea for the workshop during the Refugees@UT thinktank, hosted by the Student Union, Studium Generale and UT Nieuws. Before he began his study at the UT, Brar knew a volunteer working at Rumie in his home country. These things led to him organizing the workshop.

Make a difference

It’s a nice way for students to do something for refugees, Brar explains. ‘Asking for money usually doesn’t work that well with students, since they’re on a tight budget. By donating two hours of your time, you can make a difference.’

The workshop (bring your laptop) is on Thursday the 10th of December, from 12.45h till 14.30h in the Ravelijn building, room 2231.

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