65 years of ITC

| Michaela Nesvarova

On the 17th of December 2015, ITC will celebrate its 65th birthday. To commemorate this special occasion, the faculty is hosting a unique Alumni Meet. 'It´s not just a look back at the great history of ITC. We also want to inspire people and show them all the different possibilities graduates have,' says Jorien Terlouw, the ITC Alumni coordinator.

Photo by: Rikkert Harink

'It´s the first time we are organizing an alumni meeting in the Netherlands. They usually take place all across the world, such as India, Indonesia or Nepal,' continues Terlouw. Even though it is held in Enschede, the Alumni Meet will still be a highly international affair with visitors and speakers from all over the planet.

How to reach the top

Alumni from China, Bulgaria or Indonesia will share their personal stories with their fellow ITC graduates. For practical reasons, some speakers will deliver their talks via Skype. 'For example, one of the speakers is an alumna who now works at the UN headquarters. Others include former staff members, who became successful entrepreneurs. They will explain how ITC helped their career. That´s what people want to know - they want to know what to do after ITC, how to reach the top,' describes Terlouw, who is in charge of the event.

'Alumni are mainly interested in other students. They want to talk about the struggles graduates have to face,' says Terlouw. 'So we want to inform them about different paths they can take, about start-ups and other possibilities. To inspire them to do more, to be creative and enable them to connect with each other and make the ITC alumni network even stronger.'

Strong ITC network

To allow people to share their memories and ITC related stories, the Alumni Office is organizing a video and photo challenge, which any ITC alumnus is welcome to join.

'This is the first year we are preparing such an event and we hope it´s successful,' wishes Terlouw. 'We want to close this year with a strong and positive message, to share our strong ITC network and to show our appreciation for it.'