Refugee@UT, what can you do?

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Educating refugees, donating a day off and designing a digital way of communication. What else can you do? Together with Studium Generale and the Student Union, UT News organizes a thinktank afternoon, called ‘Refugees@UT’.

This gathering is on Monday the 12th of October from 4pm till 6pm in the Atrium of the Bastille. It’s meant for both students and employees of the university, with the central question: what can you (or what can we) do for refugees?

There are interviews with a Syrian refugee who studies at the UT, refugee coordinator Erna Leurink and UAF coordinator Hemo Oumenad. It’s going to be a varied program, also filled with video’s, music and special speeches.

Pitch your idea

Besides that, it’s possible to share your own ideas. For instance, what do you already do to help refugees? Or what are you planning to do? This afternoon, the stage is yours to pitch your own ideas and share your initiatives.

Ideas you already have, you can e-mail here. There’s also enough room for spontaneous ideas on the afternoon itself. Maybe you can find allies in the room, to join initiatives. In short, it’s an afternoon to connect with and inspire each other.

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