Seven coronaproof student activities

| Karina Boekhoudt

A second wave, more rigorous measures. The crisis is asking all of us to make sacrifices, when we might be needing social contact more than ever. Under the guise of creative problem solving: seven activities that you can still do together, without breaking the rules.

#1 | Nerf gun battle

Admittedly, some preparation is needed for this activity, but then you can enjoy it for hours, maybe even weeks. For a few euros you can buy some nerf guns at a toy store (and enough ammo). Then you need a location, preferably one with lots of obstacles. The forest would be perfect, weather permitting. If not, convert your student house into a battle arena. Give each player (maximum 4) a nerfgun and a base. Ready? Fire away. Bonus tip: vary and improvise with a Team Deathmatch, Domination of Capture the Flag. Or, if it's organiseable, involve the rest of studying Enschede in a Battle Royale. Keeping 1.5 meter distance shouldn't be a problem. If you can't hit anyone from that distance, you're better off choosing another activity.

#2 |

A tip for the less trigger-happy students. You have probably had your first lockdown experience playing online games with friends. Have you also discovered Board Game Arena? This platform is a bit different from all the online Pictonary games that are circulating. Create an account for free on Board Game Arena and play all board games you can imagine in the online version. In this way you avoid that one sore loser (yes, you know who you are) from flipping the table in frustration.

#3 | Bubble football

Have you always wanted to play bubble football? This is your moment! With bubble football, you are all literally in your own plastic bubble while playing football. There is no option at all to get too close to each other. UT student 2, coronavirus 0.

#4 | Scavenger Hunt

It may sound dull, but it is so much easier to motivate yourself to do something if there is a reward or goal on the horizon. Create a Scavenger Hunt with friends and collect points for completing tasks. For example, bake a cake or make a puzzle (we're keeping suggestions mild, it's up to you to make it wild). Even though you're only doing these activities in your own home, it feels like you're together. You can share the photos with each other (make sure there are funny assignments in between) and compete against each other for a prize you've come up with together. Secretly it just feels nice not to have to think about what you are going to do yourself, but just to be able to pick out something from existing options. It brings a little variation to your day!

#5 | Brew your own beer

A bit of occupational therapy: buy a beer brewing package together with your friends or housemates. Keep each other informed about your process and try to help each other from a distance. In case of doubt: we've placed our hope in the Chemical Engineering students. Let's hope that by the time your beers are somewhat drinkable, it will be allowed to crack open a cold one together again.

#6 | Netflix Party

Watching a film on your own is not as much fun as watching one together. If you don't want to rely solely on the questionable film taste of your housemates, watch a film or series via Netflix Party together with a like-minded people. If someone then pauses the film, the rest will also have to wait a while, but fortunately there is a chat function to entertain each other, or make sure you send each other a homemade snack pack.

#7 | Fencing

Are you tired of not being touched? There is a perfect sport for corona times: fencing. Not only is the 1.5 metre distance guaranteed, you're also obligated to wear a mask. With Gascogne, the UT has its own fencing club, which can provide you with more information and material. En garde!

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