How to be a ‘basic bitch’

| Christian Orriëns

Her laptop broke down during a long train ride home and she forgot a book to read. So she decided to write her own book in five days and got it published ten days later. A short guide on how to become a basic bitch by Allegra Passmann. She is a UT student of Psychology who donates all profits from the book to Charity Water.

‘A basic bitch could be described as a girl who thinks she is very unique but actually engages in very stereotypical behavior that society expects from them,’ says the writer. ‘They are a phenomenon that can be observed a lot on social media, posting stock pictures with very standard inspirational quotes. My favorites are the backpacker posts in Australia with a picture of a road with a kangaroo crossing warning sign stating #Notallwhowanderarelost or whatever. Further, they often wear Levi’s T shirts or other typical brands and can be seen drinking Starbucks coffee.’

Feminism and gender equality

The psychology student further adds that the book serves as a critique on women having more freedom than ever before but still doing exactly what society expects from them. ‘This really annoys me, so I decided to parody this subculture in real life. All these parodies culminated into a short guide. I noticed that a lot of women that are protesting against stereotypes that are associated with women are indulging themselves in these stereotypes the most. It is very hard to be taken seriously on topics like autonomy if a lot of young women do exactly what influencers like the Kardashians expect them to do. My book has a humorous tone to it, I think. But I tried addressing the problem of utilizing hard-fought freedoms to then do exactly what the status quo expects from you.’ 

Charity Water

Since the book is so short (28 pages) and written in a short amount of time, Allegra decided to donate the small profits to Charity Water. ‘I have no clue how many copies I sold yet since the payment comes quarterly, but I do not expect it to be that much. I chose Charity Water after some consideration of other charities such as mental health charities. I have always cared for access to basic services. Also, basic bitches often drink vodka and vodka means water.’  

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