Fancy birthday hats and horns all over the campus

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Study association Stress is celebrating her 45th birthday on the 21st of May! To make this day special, the association hands out some treats.

Photo by: Gijs van Ouwerkerk

On the 21st of May, all students and professors are invited to the O&O square at 16.00h to enjoy a free drink during the birthday party. 'During the lunch break, we will be handing out fancy birthday hats and horns all over the campus', says Anita Moghaddar, of Study Association Stress.  'If you wear our birthday hat or bring your horn to the drink, you even get a free slice of pizza!'

On this day, Stress will look back at the 45 years of the study association. Currently, there is a short movie in the making, where all parties connected to Stress will be shown. Moghaddar: 'Our founders, the study programs and even the companies we work with will come along. This movie will be shown during the lunch break on the 21st of May.'

45 years of S.A. Stress

 This year's lustrum theme is ‘Day & Night', which is related to the various events that are being organized. The events covered several important aspects that a student has to deal with during his student life. On the one hand, the study- and career-related aspects have been covered by, for example, organizing a training afternoon in collaboration with the Dutch Railways (NS), FrieslandCampina and Nedap.

'During this training afternoon, the students got the opportunity to work on several business cases that provided them a better insight into the company's business activities. On the other hand, we are still students which means that we are notorious for partying. Luckily, this dazzling Lustrum year consists of a lot of different parties, from a Christmas Dinner to a Gala with over 360 guests', says Moghaddar.

Join Stress on the 21st of May during the very last Lustrum event of S.A. Stress and wrap up this Lustrum year in style!

Note: you will not be brought home :p