Let’s GO! study abroad event highlights multiple regions in one week

| Rense Kuipers

With a series of webinars, on-campus presentations and open offices in the faculties, the ‘Let’s GO!’ event is organised in a different way this year. In the upcoming week, UT students can find out about the variety of exchange options in different regions of the world.

During the Let's GO! fair in 2019.

The organisers chose a different approach this year. Pre-covid crisis, the ‘Let’s GO!’ event used to be a one-day fair. This time, however, the event is spread out over the entire week. In several webinars and on-campus sessions, students can either choose to learn more about studying abroad in, for instance, Asia and Australia, the Americas or several parts of Europe.

Student experiences

A key part of the programme is that students share their experiences. ‘Some students will be presenting online from their exchange destination, while others who have already returned from their exchange will present on campus’, says Liz Louden, one of the organisers from the Centre for Educational Support.

‘We notice that hearing first-hand from their peers really inspires students who are interested in an exchange and helps them to choose their destination and possible partner university’, Louden continues. ‘During the presentations, the students talk about all aspects of their study abroad experience: the highlights, challenges, financial matters, academic aspects and the insider info, like the tourist highlights and best places to eat.’

Recovery after crisis

The number of UT students going abroad for courses, internships and research projects drastically declined during the corona crisis. In the years up until 2020, approximately 600 UT students went abroad every academic year. In the academic year 2020-2021, that number dropped to less than 200 students. The following academic year, however, the numbers bounced back to about 600 students again.

Let’s GO! takes place between 21-25 November. Students can register on the website.

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