New sports tournament on campus: Ulympics

| Pim Eerden

A brand new sports tournament takes place on campus on the 29th of May: the ‘Ulympics’. The event is organised by CalZquad, the calisthenics association at the UT, in collaboration with frisbee association Air Nomads, the Student Union and the Sports Centre.

The idea for the event arose in November, says Liran Neta, chairman of CalZquad. ‘We came up with the idea of an event that brings together many people from different countries and cultures in a fun way. That’s what’s most important for us: despite the competitive element of the games, people should enjoy their day full of games.’

Teams and individuals

The event covers multiple sports games, some a bit less traditional. Neta explains: ‘We have team- and individual competitions. The individual competitions will determine who are the fastest and strongest at the UT, with for example a 100 meters race and a pull-ups competition. The team sports include dodgeball, tag-rugby, klonkieball and a relay race of running four times hundred meters. For some inclusion, the teams for the relay race include two males and two female runners.’


Besides these competitions, different sports associations will also offer workshops. ‘The workshops are the first things happening during the event, right after the opening ceremony’, says Neta. ‘There will be workshops in frisbee, spikeball and floorball, organised by the corresponding sports associations at the UT. Volunteers within the organisation of Ulympics will organise workshops in chess, beach volleyball and beach football.’


The Student Union and the Sports Centre are enthusiastic about the event, says Neta. ‘The Student Union has promised us double the amount of money from the more-than-a-degree fund and also provides us with a subsidy from the board itself. They really like the idea to gather people from different nationalities and cultures together in one event. The Sports Centre even provided us the locations for free, which would normally cost some money to rent.’

Until 14 May, people can still sign up. ‘Even if the event is not a success, we will surely try again next year.’

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