Science quiz with ‘mixture of all of the UT’s sciences’

| Marie Klinge

To celebrate the UT’s 60th birthday, Studium Generale and KIVI Students Twente organize a ‘Lustrum Science Quiz’ on Wednesday 18 May. Peter Timmerman from Studium Generale gives more insight. ‘We celebrate by highlighting UT science and scientists.’

Photo by: LUVANE

The science quiz is a runner up to the UT’s 60th birthday celebration (dies natalis) on 20 May, While most events during the UT’s lustrum week are of a more serious nature, the science quiz is a bit different, says Timmerman. ‘It is a birthday celebration in a more loose and relaxed way, showing the fascinating range of UT science and in a fun way.’


Timmerman explains that the science quiz is not only about testing knowledge. ‘It is a festive, funny, and entertaining evening with free drinks and snacks. The brain cracking questions are tough, but fun’. The organizers also invited an orchestra (ToHuWaBoHu) to play at the beginning of the event and in the breaks. ‘We want to attract more people with the music’, says Timmerman. ‘And what is an in-between score announcement without a proper drumroll, right?’

‘Almost impossible to prepare’

The areas of focus in the quiz differ widely, explains Timmerman. ‘The quiz includes four questions from each faculty, so it is a mixture of all sciences’. Not only do the questions differ in content, they are also different in the way they are presented. ‘Spectacular experiments are performed in front of audience by Science on Tour. Also, scientists made small movies introducing and asking some of the questions.’

Will a good preparation be beneficial in any way? ‘With so many sciences going on at this university, it is almost impossible to prepare’, says Timmerman, who does see an opportunity for teams to get an advantage: ‘A good selection of team members is crucial. Make your team as diverse as possible between the faculties’. He encourages all participants to ‘come concentrated and well-rested. And then you just have to give it your best shot.’

Teams and individuals

The quiz is open for both teams and individuals, says Timmerman. ‘A lot of teams, but also individuals already signed up, but there is still space for more. Everyone has their individual score, but only the winners will be announced. So even when you are in a team, you can win individually.’


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