Fund for UT students and staff affected by war in Ukraine

| Michaela Nesvarova

Twente University Fund has started a crowdfunding campaign to help UT students and employees from Ukraine, Russia and Belarus. The goal is to collect 100.000 euros in this emergency fund.

The crowdfunding campaign started today and can be found here. The emergency fund will be available to members of the UT community with Ukrainian, Russian or Belarusian nationality, who are experiencing financial troubles due to the war in Ukraine.

‘There are currently about two hundred people at the University of Twente from Ukraine, Russia and Belarus, but of course we don’t know how many of them require help,’ informs Josine Meerburg from the Twente University Fund. ‘The funding is intended for both students and staff, who are having problems due to, for example, no access to their bank accounts or paused scholarships. Students and colleagues who are in need of using the funding can contact either their study advisors, HR or their manager.’

Twente University Fund plans to collect as much money as possible, aiming to get to the sum of 100.000 euros. ‘We will double every donation up to this amount,’ says Meerburg. ‘We feel with everyone affected by the war and we hope these donations take some of their worries away. They have so many things to worry about, so we want to give the help that we can.’


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