What can and cannot be done in lustrum year UT?

| Rense Kuipers

How will the UT celebrate its sixtieth anniversary in 2021? Large public events such as an open house and alumni day are part of the plans. 'But a lot depends on how the crisis develops,' says Michèle Buis of the lustrum committee.

Photo by: Arjan Reef
The Dies Natalis during the last lustrum year (2016), with former European Commissioner Neelie Kroes as one of the honorary doctorates.

A number of highlights in honour of the diamond anniversary, such as the appointment of honorary doctorates and the unveiling of the lustrum art work, are set, says M&C employee Buis. 'In other activities, we need to look at what is realistic, depending on how the current crisis develops.'

Plans for public events

Because there are plans for major public events: an alumni day and an open house, for example. 'These are events that we would very much like to set up, because meeting people and sharing stories are central to our theme 'Every connection has a story'. But it has to be possible in view of the corona measures that apply at that time', Buis realises. 'That's why we must above all remain agile, perhaps move around some dates. But I do expect the emphasis to be on the end of the year. Hopefully a lot will then be possible. However, we are also taking into account a scenario for shifting activities to next year.'

Events that are scheduled each year, such as the informal closing of the academic year, the start of the new academic year and the Week of Inspiration, will be given added sparkle during this lustrum year, says Buis.

Photo contest

Furthermore, the lustrum committee, together with faculties and service departments, is looking for more ways to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the UT. One UT-wide activity is definitely scheduled: a photo contest and exhibition, on the initiative of UT employee Jelle Ferwerda. 'An idea for the UT incentive fund, which could not go on in 2020,' he explains. 'It was initially intended to show the diversity of the UT community. On the occasion of the anniversary year, we broadened the scope of this initiative. Whether you take a photo with your mobile phone or with a professional camera, we ask every member of the UT community to capture his or her passion and story in a photo.'

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