Korean UT students start their own association

| Jennifer Cutinha

Helping new students from Korea find their way, providing a warm community, and sharing Korean culture. Those are the key goals of the newly founded Korean Culture Student Association (KCSA). 'When the situation gets better, we hope to host physical events.’

The founding members of KCSA.

'There is a growing number of Korean students in Twente now, an estimate of fifty students, so we want to make a community amongst us,’ says Younghun Rhee, Chairman of KCSA. ‘We want to help new students who are arriving for the first time at the UT and in Enschede.’

Rhee thinks that Korean students might have problems adjusting to the new environment. It’s something he experienced firsthand. Fellow board member Heejin Hong shares this view and experience. 'When I first arrived at the UT, there weren't many Korean students. Even if I encountered any Korean student, it was difficult to get close to them.'

Starting during pandemic

In addition to providing a warm community for Korean students, the association also wants to provide a platform for international students to experience Korean culture. Their first introductory online meeting on the 11th of November attracted a total of 25 participants, including both Korean and other international students.

'Starting an association during a pandemic is of course a challenge. For now, we are planning to organize online events where we share our culture through language exchange, for instance', says Rhee. 'When the situation gets better, we hope to host physical events.’

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