Moonshot Meetups about the UT in 2030

| Radhika Kapoor

The first edition of the Moonshot Meetups was held yesterday evening in DesignLab. It brought together a group of about thirty students who brainstormed how the future of the UT should look by 2030.

The Moonshot Meetups are five interrelated workshops which enable the participants to collaborate with the UIF (University Innovation Fellows) and DesignLab to find and define a student vision that the UT should have implemented by 2030.

Anja Dömer, (21, IBA) UIF and co-organiser of the Moonshot Meetups knew that the university required a new strategy and together with the UIF team, came up with the idea of these workshops because they wanted the voice of the people to be heard. ‘This is also what the Shaping2030 project aims for, as they were also looking for inputs from the students which also enabled parties like UReka, the student party of Enschede to share what they know,’ she explained.

Koen Hertenberg, (21, Ext. Relations of the RoboTeam) was present at this event because he noticed that student activism is declining and suspects that this could be the fault of the TOM as it is a strict 0 or 15 EC system. ‘This leaves students so busy that many are not active members of an association because there is simply no time left to them,’ he said ‘If you fail a course, you fail the module. This makes you repeat the module, but leaves you with having no time again, since you need to repeat everything and not just that one course.’

Many people at the Moonshot Meetup backed Hertenberg’s concern about redefining education and the brainstorm covered quite a few categories on what ‘your dream university’ should look like. The main umbrella topics were education, sustainability and internationalisation. Groups were formed based on these topics and the ideas will be worked out in the following workshops. The next Moonshot Meetup will take place on the 12th of March, 2019.

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