New concept for the Global Lounge

| Michaela Nesvarova

The new year brings a fresh start for the Global Lounge. The space in Bastille is now managed by the WorldRide committee, which plans to dedicate the lounge to a different country every month.

Until January 2018, the Global Lounge was run by a Student Union channel of the same name. Now the committee decided to separate itself from the physical space and it renamed itself to WorldRide.

‘As a new committee, we want to do things differently. And with a new concept comes a new name,’ explains the chairman of WorldRide Stanimir Mihov. ‘The physical place in Bastille will still be called Global Lounge. But we don’t want to be connected only to this space, we want to promote cultural awareness and internationalization at the whole university. Hence the name WorldRide.’

The main initiative of WorldRide is currently ‘country months’. They aim to dedicate each month of the year to a different country, focusing their activities and events in the Global Lounge on various cultures represented at the UT. This means the Global Lounge will get a little makeover every month. ‘We will redecorate the space to match the theme,’ confirms Mihov. ‘And we will organize at least two events focused on the country we want to highlight at the moment.’

January in the Global Lounge will carry the theme of India. Apart from the new Indian décor, the month will also bring the first event of the year: Bollywood dance workshop, taking place on the 18th of January. February will then belong to Brazil, while March will focus on the Netherlands. ‘We want to lower the threshold and bring cultures together,’ says Mihov. ‘It’s beautiful to see people from all over the world collaborate.’ 

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