The art of nature

| Michaela Nesvarova

A new artistic exhibition opens today at the campus. The exhibition space in Vrijhof will now belong to nature inspired installations made by Hedy Hempe and Elsbeth Cochius from the art studio Natuurlijk Werk.

In their work, the two collaborating artists aim to explore the artistic value of nature and bring nature inside. The exhibition in the Vrijhof building is therefore built on a contrast: nature in an unnatural environment.

The preparations for this exhibit began already in 2016, when the artists began searching the surroundings of the University of Twente in order to collect materials, as well as to find places where they could make their installations.

The Natuurlijk Werk exhibition will officially open today at 16:30 and will be displayed in Vrijhof until the end of May 2017.

Photos by: Eric Brinkhorst Fotografie

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