IGS PhD Networking Day

| Michaela Nesvarova

The first ever IGS PhD Networking Day took place today in the DesignLab at the University of Twente. The event, initiated purely by PhD students for PhD students, was aimed at strengthening the PhD network and it involved interactive seminars, lectures and speed dating.

The Networking Day was organized with the goal of opening doors for multidisciplinary research within and beyond IGS institute, as well as sharing helpful tips on surviving PhD in general. The event was kicked-off with a unique 'speed dating' lunch, when participants could exchange business cards with information about their PhD research. Later they could join different interactive sessions to discuss topics such as multidisciplinary research, funding or valorization.

Keynote on transformation of the world

The networking afternoon was also attended by Ruud Veltenaar, a well-known philosopher and public speaker. Veltenaar presented the keynote speech, in which he focused on the upcoming transformation of the world and he tried to encourage people to play an active role in this change. 'We need talented PhD´s to make a better world,' said Veltenaar. ' Start thinking how you can co-create something better than what we have today. Don´t compromise to be a part of a world that isn´t good. There is a big transformation coming, which will force us all to change. It has three drivers: today´s ecological crisis, social-economical crisis and spiritual crisis.'

'You can be the difference'

'Let´s take the ecological crisis, for example. The North Pole is melting, which will cause the sea level rise by four to six meters by the year 2050. In this country, we will manage this thanks to good PhD´s of civil engineering, but other parts of the world won´t. That will result in millions of climate refugees every year,' continued Ruud Veltenaar. 'We are also experiencing a spiritual crisis: one third of people with burnout are younger than 30. That is because we are focused on profit, instead of added value for others. So don´t try to be successful, try to be of value. You are the driving force behind the transformation. Think of the billions of people, who need you. With a PhD in your pocket, you can be the difference.'

Regular activities for PhDs

The IGS PhD Networking Day was facilitated by IGS (Institute for Innovation and Governance Studies) and TGS and its organizers are already planning to hold regular activities for PhD´s, such as workshops, creative brainstorming sessions or meetings with alumni.

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