'The Tie' kicks off photo exhibitions student-style

| Johannes de Vries

It is easy to caricaturise a student: A lot of booze, messy houses, heavily visited sororities; they all represent a part of the typical student. But if you want to kick-off an exhibition really well, you start with ‘The Tie’.

Photo by: Arjan Reef

Exclusively for UT Nieuws, photographer Arjan Reef made a photo series on the student tie last January. Tomorrow, the same photo series are the beginning of a number of exhibitions on typical student themes. Reef will portray student houses and bars, but the tie seems to be the most logical starting point.

The tie – do not dare to call it ‘necktie’ – is after all the indispensable symbol of many students and their associations, sororities, clubs or societies. Reef prominently pictures the ties by using the same excision all the time. The wearers, coming from the UT or Saxion, are less important in the photo.

‘The Tie’ (Dutch: 'De Das') will be shown in the small exhibition room in the Vrijhof. The opening will be enforced in a student-like manner with a drink tomorrow at 16.00. The large exhibition hall already shows another exhibition for some time now. ‘Archeology for the Future’ illustrates how our future is shaped by the present-day ‘consumption culture’, including all polluting packaging that go with it.

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