Another big win for the Green Team Twente!

| Michaela Nesvarova

The Green Team Twente ended their stay in London with a bang! The UT students just won the Communication Award at the Shell Eco Marathon, adding another great victory to their collection!

After winning the first place in their energy class yesterday, the Green Team continues to succeed at the Shell Eco Marathon (SEM) in London. Just moments ago, they were named (one of) the winners of the off-track Communication Award, which goes to the team that is able to best 'spread their message'.

'The judges were most impressed with the students' professionalism, enthusiasm and strategic approach,' announced Normach Koch, the General Manager of SEM, at tonight's awards ceremony. 'The students demonstrated great creativity, humor and ability to get their point across. Due to their excellent results in communication on social media and elsewhere, this year the jury decided to name two winners in this category. The first one being the Green Team Twente!'

Invited to the Dutch embassy

This prize marks the end of the UT team's stay at the Shell Eco Marathon, but they have some more exciting activities planned for their time in London. On Tuesday, the 30th of May, the Green Team will attend a special event at the Dutch embassy in London. This event is titled 'A Glimpse into the Automotive Future' and will include the presentation of the Green Team's hydrogen car H2∞ (Infinity) and a bio-based car created by students from the University of Eindhoven. The idea behind this reception is to offer better insight into the future of sustainable mobility and it is expected that the event will be covered by various international media, including the BBC. 

Stay tuned

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