‘In start-ups, there is more to learn’

| Jennifer Cutinha , Maarten de Groot

With the dreadful weather outside , hundreds of UT students were happy to find refuge inside the tent of the Bedrijvendagen Twente, who hosted the traditional career fair yesterday and Wednesday. Eight of the present students shared their experiences and aspirations.

Photo by: Hung Nguyen

Simeon Bootsma (22), BSc. Applied Physics, 3rd year

‘I wasn’t looking for a specific field to pursue, since I’m not sure what I want to do yet. I am interested in fluid dynamics and found a good number of interesting companies such as Micronit and Venray that I could potentially work for in the future. I’m looking for more small-scale companies, since there is more innovation there and I feel I can learn more. Big companies are mostly focused on optimization and I’m keen on innovation.’

Dileep CR (25), MSc. Electrical Engineering, 2nd year

‘I was looking for job opportunities, because I would like to have a position by the end of the year. It was a good experience. I found many companies related to my field, to be specific, designing, manufacturing and categorizing integrated chips. Companies such as ASML, NXP and Micronit seem to have good opportunities. I would however prefer to work for a small company, because I feel in larger companies the gaining of knowledge is suppressed. At smaller companies, there is more to learn and diverse topics to explore.’

Roel van de Veerdonk (24), MSc. Industrial Engineering & Management

‘To me, it seems like the organization of this event is better than last year. It is more professional and there are some companies that were not here last year. However, most firms do not have much to do with my study. It is very broad and most businesses do not see how someone with my study can fits to them. This makes communication quite difficult sometimes, but it has been improved over the last few years. I spoke with No Nonsense Technical Solutions and they might have a small job for me to do next to my study, so that is a good start.’

Prudhvi Gali (19), BSc. Mechanical Engineering, 2nd year

‘I was looking to find an internship, since I’m not sure about the specific field that I would want to work on within Mechanical Engineering. I found many companies that interested me such as ASML, Bosch and GRM Gastro. For now, I would like to have an internship by the start of the third year and I don’t mind if it is a start-up or a large company. However, in the future I would like to work in a large company because it feels good to work for one.’

Jeslyn Poulson (23), MSc. Embedded systems, 2nd year

‘I was especially on the lookout for hardware businesses, to fit with my Master Embedded Systems. I would like to specialize either in hardware or communication and I found really interesting firms such as ASML, Bosch and Benchmark. I would prefer to work in a start-up since I feel there is more to learn. I feel that large companies may be involved in wrongdoing since they have expectations and reputations to maintain.’

Stephanie Pater (18), BSc. Biomedical Technology, 1st year

‘I just came here to explore. I’m only in my first year and I’m in no rush. This field of my study programme mostly caters to research and I wanted to learn about alternative options. There were many companies that piqued my interest, but I particularly drawn by Micronit which deals with making microchips. For example, they talked about a consumable pill that could detect cancer within a minute what would otherwise take two hours. I would like to work in smaller companies like this that really make a difference and since there a fewer employees, you are well knitted. For now, I’m not particularly interested in a specific field, but I really enjoy the practical applications of my study.’

Gershom van der Sluis (20), BSc. Business & IT, 1st year

‘I am purely here because I am broadly interested. I’m not here with a particular goal. I spoke to some companies, including Adyen and GGM Gastro and they had good stories, but it is all a little early to make it concrete. For me, an ideal job would be one in which you do not do the same every year, but have a diverse set of things to do.’

Bram Zentveld (19), BSc. Industrial Engineering & Management, 2nd year

‘The main reason why I’m here is because I am already looking for a company to do a bachelor thesis with. Of course, thinking about an actual job is also something you do when you’re attending such a career fair, but the main goal for me is to find something interesting for my bachelor thesis. So, I spoke with No Nonsense Technical Solutions and it seemed to me that they had a good story. An extra bonus at this career fair is that you can let a photographer make professional photos for LinkedIn, which is very practical for me.’