After lunch dips are gone

| Mathijs de Ruiter

Social entrepreneur and online business coach Alex van Ginneken kicked off the University of Twente Health Week yesterday. In his lecture, he shared his personal story about healthy habits.

‘I sold my first company in 2007, when I was 28. From the outside, everything looked good at that moment, but I felt stuck,’ began Van Ginneken. After living in Gran Canaria for four months, he still felt the same. ‘I knew something had to change in my life. I cleaned up my life, my everything. At that moment, I had 1500 domain names.’ Van Ginneken started being an entrepreneur because of the freedom and the chances to travel the world. To get back to this drive, he made big changes in his life. ‘I stopped drinking, eating too much sugar and started exercising.’


‘Drinking six to eight cups of coffee a day was normal for me. I even had a company named ‘The Best Coffee’. Right now I do not drink any coffee anymore.’ Van Ginneken did more and more to become healthy, as a person and as an entrepreneur. Meditating is one of those turns. The results are that he feels more clearance, looks more forward and the after lunch dips are gone. ‘In 2014, I did not see that I was that heavy. I went from an stressed and unhealthy entrepreneur to running marathons and exercising every day.’


Back in 2012, when Van Ginneken started, the superfood industry wasn’t well-known. The hype started in 2014, when his company grew rapidly. ‘In these days, people want hassle free, healthy food to mix with their salads and oats. Social media is a big positive influencer in this story.’ 
While Van Ginneken’s company is growing and growing, he also feels better than ever because of his new healthy habits. ‘An incremental change is better than an ambitious failure. Therefore, do not try to make big changes in one time, but go for one change per 90 days. Start small!’  


This lecture was the first of the four lectures about health organized this week. You can read more about the Health Week here.