Art by Industrial Design students: ExpositIO opens tonight

‘I think every Industrial Design student has a creative side, but is also interested in science and technology. ExpositIO shows the creative side. We don’t have science fairs, but art exhibitions,’ smiles Annemarie Bult, one of the Industrial Design students whose art works are now displayed at the ExpositIO exhibition in the Vrijhof.

Photo @little_red_ann

The fifth edition of ExpositIO will officially open tonight at 8 p.m. The idea behind this annual event is to show the work UT’s Industrial Design students do in their free time. As it turns out, the students’ hobbies include painting, make-up, film-making and even woodworking.

Turning into a Tim Burton character

‘I didn’t need to prepare anything specifically for this exhibit, because I do make-up and drawings so often, whenever I have the time,’ says Annemarie Bult, who often spends an hour or two a day perfecting her make-up and turning herself into various characters. ‘I like the idea of transforming into someone else. For these particular pictures, I got inspired by creepy stuff like characters from Tim Burton movies.’ Annemarie Bult doesn’t just paint on her face, but enjoys regular paper as well. Her drawings are also displayed in the exhibition space of Vrijhof.

Photos by: Annemarie Bult. You can see more of Annemarie's creations on her Instagram @litte_red_ann 

48 hours to make a movie

Another Industrial Design student, Duncan Lorraine, has a different hobby: films. Not only watching them, but also making them and starring in them. At ExpositIO, you can see his short movie titled ‘Het Heilige Huisje’, which he managed to make within two short days. ‘I made the film with my friends for a competition called “48 hour film project”. As the name suggests, you have only 48 hours to make a film based on a specified genre and other requirements,’ explains Lorraine, who worked on the film script and played the main character. 


Do you like wobbly furniture? Then the stools made by Anne Pasman and Jill Hötte are the perfect addition to your home. ‘It’s called The Wobble and, together with our group, we made it during a wood course in Sweden,’ says Anne Pasman about her creation. ‘The assignment was to fully design and make a stool out of one large piece of wood and then also create a version suitable for mass production. You can see them both here. They are actually really comfortable, because they wobble and allow you to move a little. We are so excited to display them at ExpositIO!’


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