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Canon Production Printing became the new name for Océ a year ago. It develops all the components used in production printers in-house, and offers its employees a wide variety of opportunities. Janneke works at the R&D department the high-tech printing company.

Janneke heard the name Océ (which is how Canon Production Printing was known back then) occasionally during her studies. ‘I also had a nice conversation with a recruiter at one of the TU’s career events and it sounded like a really good company to work for. After graduating, I joined an agency for interim projects and the plan was that I would work at three different companies during the first three years.’

Friendly colleagues

But she enjoyed the first year, which was at Canon Production Printing, so much that she left the agency and joined Canon Production Printing permanently. ‘The biggest factors in that decision were the interesting and challenging project I was working on at that time plus my friendly colleagues. Things just felt right for me at Canon Production Printing. My degree in Polymer Technology is pretty unusual, but the work isn’t compartmentalized here. Instead, you work in a multidisciplinary team and interact with all the disciplines. That keeps things dynamic and exciting. Within Canon Production Printing, your success doesn’t just depend on the knowledge you have; it’s also about how you think, your innovative strength, your collaboration skills and how you tackle problems.’

The company

‘There is a culture of openness,’ she continues. ‘As an employee, I feel heard. I have always had the feeling that I am taken seriously. Even when I had just arrived at the age of 22. Our department, R&D, has a flat hierarchy and we are all equals, which also creates a sense of security.’ Besides that, Govers sees Canon Production Printing as an extremely innovative company. ‘We have a huge R&D department, and everyone is innovation-minded, creative and focused on teamwork. And you can do lots of different things. I have been here for four years now and I have already been involved in various aspects of the product at both the front end and back end.’

Personal growth

Collaboration skills are extremely important when you are working in multidisciplinary teams, says Janneke. ‘The company provides relevant training courses. There are two main aims: to work together well and also to achieve a good team result. I like the fact that it receives so much attention within the company. It is not just learning by doing, but also a conscious step-by-step approach to learning. We receive very good support. Personally, I’ve grown a lot stronger and more confident over the past few years; for example, I now feel much happier speaking up during meetings.’

One great initiative is our Change Makers project. It has been set up to encourage our employees to help make the company even better by occasionally getting together in groups to think about improvements. For example: How can we maintain better contact with one another during the COVID-19 outbreak? Asking the employees themselves to contribute their ideas is one way that the company shows it takes them seriously. Improvements don’t have to come from the top either; we make use of everyone’s intelligence here.’

Inclusiveness and sustainability

Two other striking aspects of the Canon Production Printing way of working are inclusiveness and sustainability. ‘It is more common to come across people with unique characteristics in a technical environment like ours, such as employees who have a different take on things. They are very good at thinking about certain details, for example. The company pays extra attention to them. I myself have been diagnosed with autism. That creates its own challenges that aren’t always visible in everyday life but they are apparent to me and my immediate co-workers. I really appreciate how much effort my managers, coaches and colleagues have all made to help me cope with those challenges. I wouldn’t have got where I am today so quickly without their support. That special guidance is taken seriously here. It’s a culture of inclusiveness.’

Reasons to apply

There are more than enough reasons to explore the possibility of working at Canon Production Printing, according to Janneke: ‘There are so many opportunities here. Applying for a job can be daunting sometimes. But you don’t have to make your final decision during the first interview! What I like about working at Canon is that you can always find something that is a 100% match with your talents and interests. You are not stuck with your initial choice. I have already worked in UV, Maintenance, Cure and Material Properties, to name but a few. You don’t have to stay in your first role forever.’

Working at canon 

Canon Production Printing develops and manufactures high-tech printing products and workflow software for the commercial printing market and is part of Canon, a global provider of imaging technologies and services. Canon Production Printing operates on three continents, with approximately 2,900 employees (as of late 2020) and has its global headquarters in Venlo, the Netherlands.

Its product offering includes continuous-feed and cut-sheet printers for high-volume printing and publishing, and large-format printers for display graphics and TDS (Technical Document Systems).

Canon Production Printing Netherlands B.V.

Van der Grintenstraat 10
NL - 5914 HH Venlo

[email protected]



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