‘Variety of projects is really a recommendation’

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Job Mensen talks about his experiences as a software engineer at ALTEN, and how he contributes to innovations in the field of the environment and working conditions.

‘My study was very theoretical, at ALTEN I am able to put this into practice. I am trained as a professional and I am well supported by both a Business and Technical Manager, who focus on my personal growth and professional development. There is a path for graduates with and without software experiences, as well as for the more experienced software engineers.’

Job his career started through a friend who advised him to drop by ALTEN for an interview, because, they have a lot to offer in the field of Technical and Scientific Software Engineering. ‘I really wanted to professionalise myself in software development: solving difficult calculations, simulations and algorithms. Because I only had knowledge of MATLAB, I participated  in the Masterclass. An intensive training on object-oriented programming in C++. After this I was involved at a project for a small, but fast growing, vision and robotics client. I immediately had a good click with the team who guided me very well.’

Innovative projects

I am proud of the variety of projects I have worked on so far, and that variety is really a recommendation. They are innovative projects that make new technology available for everyday practice. For example, I worked on a vision system for a robot that automatically unloads shipping containers. It is fairly unknown that unloading is still done manually. This is unpleasant work and too heavy. The solution I worked on improves working conditions. Because it was such a unique project, I was allowed to present about this project at a trade fair.’

Currently, I am working on a measuring system for quality control of pipelines. I work together with various departments, such as electrical and mechanical engineering, the scientific department, and the users. A very innovative organisation, where several experienced colleagues of ALTEN work. In short, a very good learning school. This way, I continue to develop myself well. After three years, I really feel that I have reached a very good level. I have been on a fast learning curve, working on a variety of projects, and they have been quite decisive for my career. I got to know new working methods, different environments, and people.’

working at alten 

ALTEN is a leading consulting and engineering organization working in various (niche) markets for the high tech sector and ICT. We have offices in: Capelle a/d IJssel, Amstelveen, Eindhoven, Apeldoorn and Groningen. Are you interested in working at ALTEN? Please contact us at: [email protected]. Check our website for more info: www.alten.nl



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