Get to know the Netherlands, visit Amsterdam

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When studying abroad,you want to make the most out of it when friends drop by. Here is a short list of must-see places to impress your friends with your hipness!

Besides all the things to do near the university, paying a visit to the capital city Amsterdam is a must. Amsterdam is a great place to visit, whether it is for business, to study or simply for a week-long break.

Most clubs in Amsterdam charge a fee for entry, which turns a weekend of clubbing into a rather expensive experience. The Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket saves you a lot of money, as it waives the cover charge of many wonderful, trendy establishments. Not only that, the ticket offers you two-for-one cocktail deals, half-price drinks, and even meal and entertainment deals all over the city. Invest in a two-day or seven-day ticket and enjoy saving money.

Hit the Museum District for a Dose of Culture

Museums boring? The Museumplein changes your mind. Incorporating the Van Gogh Museum, Rijksmuseum and the Stedelijk Museum of Modern Art, this area showcases art from all periods in stylish buildings, renovated to a high degree, and designed to draw in the interest of even those who are usually unmoved by history and art.

There are open air exhibitions, a pool in the summer and a vast ice-rink in winter. All these activities attracts hundreds of people and make the area an enticing venue for a full-day exploration. The House of Bols is also in this area, meaning that you can combine your love of art and your love of cocktails and gin with a forty-five minute tour to learn all about Lucas Bols and his wonderful liqueurs. The tour ends with a tasting, and you can even try and make a cocktail for yourself.

Lazy Way to Explore: Canal Cruise

Join one of the many cruises that circle the city. A great way to chill with your friends, while snapping photos for Instagram or Twitter.

Anne Frank House

Take a moment to visit Anne Frank House. Anne Frank is one of Amsterdam’s most well know former residents. The house is where she lived in hiding with her family during World War II.

Tulips for Lovers – and Everyone Else Too!

Tulips, clogs and windmills are the clichéd images of the Netherlands – but they are famed in the country for good reason! Tulips, in particular, are beautiful, especially when seen and masse growing in serried rows or clustered together for sale as in the Bloemenmarkt, the unique floating flower market that recalls the days when the blooms were brought daily to the city over the water.

Admire the Views at Zaanse Schans

Once you have partied hard and explored the architecture and features of the city, why not get away from it all by travelling a short distance out of Amsterdam to the quiet town of Zaandam, to visit the Zaanse Schans? We recommend this only if you have more than one day to spend around Amsterdam. The Zaanse Schans is an open air museum and conservation area, a recreation of a traditional Dutch village.

These are just a few of the wonderful things that you and your mates can explore in Amsterdam. them. If you keep exploring, you are sure to understand the culture and things to do for fun in the Netherlands.