‘Bata hopefully the start of a great tradition’

| Rense Kuipers

Every year more than 8,500 runners participate in the Batavierenrace, the world’s largest relay race. With its 46th edition being held this month, on the 21st of April, we asked four Bata teams to present themselves. A day before the start, we bring you the La Voz/ESN team, a collaboration between the Latin American student association and the Erasmus Students Network.

A group picture during the final training, yesterday evening.

Team leader and La Voz board member Nadia Wriu is working on the final preparations.

What kind of team are you?

‘In the past, La Voz and ESN already hosted a lot of events together. This is another way of us collaborating. We have a nice mixed group of people, not only with members from all over the world, but also a nice 50/50 mix between La Voz and ESN.’

Was it hard getting enough people together?

‘At first, it really was hard to convince people to join. We do have some fanatic runners among us, but even within our own board, some people said they prefer dancing to running. Once we started training, people started joining in and at this moment we have a waiting list. Funny how it goes, in the beginning I was begging people to join. Lately, it’s been the other way around.’

What’s the spirit like within the team?

‘Really good! The trainings were once or twice a week and they were perfect to form a bond between everyone. For us, the Batavierenrace is more about having fun than competing. Also, between the race and the huge party we have a barbecue together, which will be great to catch our breaths and relax. Last year, the party really got crazy. I don’t know how they do it, but the usually sleep deprived runners get energy out of nowhere.’

Will you be running?

‘No, I really like the organizing part. Plus, I’m more of an MMA fighter than a runner. My task will be that all our runners solely have to focus on the running itself. Together with Dinah Kleiboer from ESN I’ll make sure they’ll have snacks, blankets, water and nothing to worry about.’

Seems like you’re well prepared.

‘I hope so. I was a bit disappointed with the Batavierenrace organization. I don’t know how many other international teams will be competing, but at first I only received instructions in Dutch. That didn’t help, but fortunately Dinah helped me out a lot with translating the instructions. A week ago I did receive the English version, so I think I’m ready.’

Will the collaboration with ESN be something for the long run?

‘That would be great. Last year was the first time we ran together. Let’s hope this second Batavierenrace will be the start of a great tradition for La Voz and ESN.’