Chinese New Year: ‘Just like Christmas for Europeans’

| Michaela Nesvarova

The Association of Chinese Students and Scholars in Enschede (ACSSE) will host a Chinese New Year gala on Saturday in Prismare Theater at Roombeek. ‘It’s very important for us. It’s just like what Christmas is for Europeans,’ says UT Master student Janfun Pan from ACSSE.

Photo from the previous Chinese New Year gala in Enschede

The annual event is expected to welcome about 200 visitors, and not only Chinese nationals living in Enschede. ‘We collaborate with the municipality of Enschede to invite locals,’ says Pan. ‘We expect many Dutch university and high school students, as well as vice mayor Jeroen Diepemaat and rector of University of Twente Thom Palstra. It’s nice to be able to promote Chinese culture this way.’    

To showcase Chinese culture, the gala includes dance and music performances with traditional instruments. Buffet dinner is served afterwards. ‘It is an extremely important tradition for Chinese people to gather together and enjoy the so called “reunion dinner”,’ says Janfun Pan. ‘Chinese New Year is traditionally celebrated with one’s family, but because we all live abroad and far away from our families, it’s important for us to come together for this celebration.’

The Chinese New Year officially starts on the 5th of February, but the ACSSE will celebrate it earlier. Their Chinese New Year Gala is taking place on the 26th of January in Prismare Theater in Enschede. It is still possible to buy tickets for the event.