'As a consultant, I use my brain in a practical matter'

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Inspiring customers, excelling in their jobs, and working together in a close-knit team. That is what the consultants at Unica ICT Solutions do. Each day, using Microsoft solutions, the team strives to help their customers. They plan ahead, often by thinking rationally, but also by following their professional intuition. Two consultants told us more about their careers.

Lidewij van den Brink (34) | Business intelligence consultant | Master Climate Studies | Wageningen University & Research

‘I followed an education with much attention for data analysis, but I never thought I would end up working in ICT. After my studies, I started working as a scientific programmer. However, I missed innovation in my work. New technologies? Those weren’t used. Colleagues were more likely to be opposed to innovation. Conversely, ICT is very innovative, I can build my own models and use my creativity. As a consultant, I use my brain in a practical manner, solving a problem for a customer. At Unica ICT Solutions, they asked me during my job interview what kind of work I would like to do. The working activities were made to fit me as a person, rather than the other way around. Now, I specialise in subjects that interest me. In the coming years, I will be following training courses to develop myself further in the field of data science. Unica is a wonderful company for people who have just graduated. You are not fobbed off with standard assignments, you have to think for yourself, and execute your own projects. In addition to the content of the work, the secondary employment conditions are good: a lease car, a decent salary, and a permanent contract. That comes in quite handy, if you want to buy a house.’


Anna Engelbertink (28) | Office 365 change and adoption consultant | Master Business Administration | University of Twente

‘In the past, I always said I didn’t want to follow the same path as the rest of my family and work in the catering industry although I did attend catering college. Yet, I missed a challenge, and decided to study further. This became a master’s degree in business administration with a speciality in entrepreneurship, innovation, and strategy at the UT. I did not take the step towards ICT consciously. After graduating, I still did not know which role best suited me. A traineeship raised my interest in ICT. Already after the second conversation, Unica ICT Solutions called me, whilst I was still on my bike cycling back to the station. They hired me as an adoption consultant. There was a click immediately. The friendly, down-to-earth, pragmatic culture at Unica ICT Solutions immediately spoke to me. My experience with minor change management and hospitality come in very handy with this job. It is all about customer service and taking the client along in changes. You get the opportunity to learn about numerous companies and learn a lot in a short period of time – interesting for someone who has just graduated. One also has a lot of freedom to carry out one’s own projects and receive the necessary coaching and training. It is hard work, but rewarding, both in terms of learning and salary.’

Unica ICT Solutions
Unica ICT Solutions is a fast growing, all-round ICT service provider with four offices located in Deventer, Eindhoven, Geleen, and Lemelerveld. With 250 colleagues, we try every day to provide our clients with ICT solutions that work perfectly. We take care of everything: from supply to implementation, but also management, maintenance, and adoption. Unica ICT Solutions is part of the Unica Group – a network of companies, with 25 establishments and over 2,700 employees. The group is one of the largest technical service providers in the Netherlands. 


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