Student starts petition to ‘veganize’ the UT

Many vegetarian and vegan students are unsatisfied with the amount of food options available for them on campus, according to student Leon Borgdorf. That’s why he started a petition to have more vegetarian and vegan food on campus.


Off-grid houses that power themselves

Off-grid houses that run on ‘their own’ electricity could be the answer to many of the world’s problems. PhD candidate Diego F. Quintero Pulido has researched how to power such houses through renewable energy. While he is defending his doctoral thesis today, his findings are already being applied in an off-grid project in the Netherlands.

Campus Life

Campus clean-up: 31 kg of trash

Exactly one month after International Earth Day, the association Sustain hosted a campus clean-up event in collaboration with Krinkels and ESN. Yesterday, members and non-members joined forces next to the UTrack in order to maintain our environment clean and livable.


Kick-In will be more sustainable this year

The Kick-In is putting sustainability high on its agenda. Together with the association Sustain, the committee is making changes to ensure that the introduction period of the UT becomes more ‘environmentally friendly’. This includes focus on waste separation, using local suppliers and offering flexitarian meals.


UT students brainstorm with L’Oréal

‘Because the Earth is worth it’. That is the title of a brainstorm session with L’Oréal held today in DesignLab. The cosmetics company has invited UT students to help them think of new floor displays that could be used in shops, including Kruidvat and Etos.


Campus tour on sustainability

How do we make the UT more sustainable? With this question, Brechje Maréchal, policy officer for Environment and Sustainability, is touring across the campus this month. Employees and students can come by and share their own ideas for a greener UT.

New caterer Appèl

‘We want to reduce the use of plastic’

Appèl has been in charge of all on-campus catering for six months now. During focus group sessions the new caterer got direct feedback from the UT community – which included issues such as prices and the use of plastic. The caterer will introduce a few changes in the near future.


‘Buy less, use what you buy’

The ‘Planetary Accounting Network’ (PAN) was officially launched last week. It aims to answer the question: How much natural resources can we use to stay within Earth’s limits and to keep a healthy planet? UT professor Arjen Hoekstra is one of the founders of the PAN.

Campus Life
New student association Sustain

Flexitarian meals and less plastic cups

Sustain is a newly founded student association aiming to bring together all the sustainability initiatives happening at the UT. Besides raising awareness and organizing its own events, it wants to advise on various activities on how to create a more sustainable university – through often small, simple changes.

The Lister

Eight campus projects that never saw the light of day

‘The Lister’ is a biweekly series created by Bas Leijser, a UT MSc-student and writer at U-Today, who seeks to create order from chaos through the use of listicles. This time, he lists the eight potentially greatest campus projects that never saw the light of day.


Small steps towards a sustainable UT

In search of answers to the question of how sustainable the UT is, we spoke to Mariëlle Winkler, who is project manager campus & innovation and is on her own quest to raise sustainability at the UT to a higher level.

Campus Life

Fix-It Session: repair your broken products

A broken camera, a Senseo coffee machine, an old rangefinder, an iPhone and a desk lamp are cluttered over the work bench in the DesignLab. Two bicycles are brought in as well. During the Fix-It Session, held on the 12th of December, these products are all assessed and repaired, by and for students.

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