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Maak het jezelf gemakkelijker

Doe het een beetje anders

Stress. Hoef ik je niet zoveel over uit te leggen. ’t Is bekend dat het een veelvoorkomend fenomeen is – ook bij promovendi. Of moet ik zeggen, juist bij promovendi?

UT researcher wins two prizes at UNLEASH 2018

Beehive-inspired toilets for slums

PhD candidate Diego Quintero and his team won two main awards at UNLEASH 2018, the world’s biggest innovation program focused on achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. UNLEASH 2018 took place last week in Singapore.


UT researcher now a ‘Face of Science’

PhD candidate Koen de Koning has become the first UT researcher to be selected by KNAW as a ‘Face of Science’. This role includes writing blogs about the life of a scientist and De Koning’s first entry was just published today.


Breaking the ice: How (not) to talk to suspects

To interrogate or negotiate with a suspect can be highly challenging – and sometimes mistakes are made. What should law enforcement officers do if they make an error? Nobody really knew, not until PhD candidate Miriam Oostinga conducted her research at the UT’s Psychology of Conflict, Risk and Safety Department.


Older people and technology: a good combination?

‘We have technology with us 24/7, so why not use it to make people more active?’ says Miriam Cabrita, a UT researcher whose PhD work has focused on promoting physical activity of older adults. She will defend her PhD thesis tomorrow, right after the ‘Symposium on Active and Healthy Ageing Supported by Technology’.


A larger course offering for PhD candidates

Most popular courses for PhD candidates fill up too quickly, it is not always clear which courses are available, and the PhD course offering lacks structure overall. ‘That’s why we are going to organise the course offering better, increase the number of dates on which people can get started, and work with an annual calendar,’ says Paul van Dijk, director of the Twente Graduate School.


PhD candidates rate their programme

On average, PhD candidates at the University of Twente (UT) rate their PhD programme with a 7,4, according to a PhD survey. Fifty percent of the doctoral candidates completed the questionnaire last autumn. ‘A good result, especially because we still see room for improvement.’