ECIU students on Future Fit Universities

‘Your voice will be heard’

Yesterday for the first time the European Consortium of Innovative Universities organised a discussion with students on the future of the university. In Brussels they held a brainstorming session entitled Future Fit Universities 2040. UT students Erik Bösert and Thyne Scholte witnessed the proceedings.

Biking 4500 kilometres in 30 days for sustainability

‘Sometimes you need to do crazy things to achieve big things’

In a challenge he calls ‘Mission unstoppable,’ Martin Lehman is making a 30-day biking journey from Denmark to Portugal to promote the European Consortium of Innovative Universities' (ECIU) work on sustainable development. Yesterday afternoon the professor from Aalborg University made a quick stop at the DesignLab to meet his Twente ECIU-colleagues and talk about his purpose.

ECIU Creathon

‘Trying to help society’

The first ECIU Creathon will kick-off this Friday at the UT. It is organised by Novel-T and DesignLab for ECIU (European Consortium of Innovative Universities) members and will welcome over 80 participants. Coming from all over Europe, the teams will work on creative solutions to pressing issues faced by ECIU member regions.

On the spot
Katrin Dircksen

‘Combining passion for Latin America with German village traditions’

We work next to each other almost every day, but how well do we really know our colleagues? U-Today is curious about the personal stories of the UT support and management staff and we bring you these stories in this series ‘On the spot’. In this episode we introduce Katrin Dircksen, ECIU Secretary General based at the UT’s Strategy & Policy department.

Business & Career

ECIU Start-up Discovery Journey

Entrepreneurship is everywhere within the ECIU network. New business ideas and hopeful start-ups pop up at the partner universities every day. To give young entrepreneurs a better fighting chance in today's ‘global village’, ECIU universities have decided to harvest the expertise of the entire network and create a joint international ‘start-up accelerator’ programme.


ECIU wil meer Europees geld

Het Europese Netwerk van Innovatieve Universiteiten (ECIU) wil dat ten minste 25 procent van het Europese budget naar onderwijs, onderzoek en innovatie gaat. Dat staat in een brief die verstuurd is naar de regeringsleiders van de thuislanden van de universiteiten.


‘To keep it together takes commitment and perseverance’

‘Within the ECIU we are happily married and this year, on our 20th anniversary, we renew our marriage vows.’ With these words, the president of the European Consortium of Innovative Universities (ECIU) and the president of the UT executive board, Victor van der Chijs, opened the ceremony celebrating 20 years of ECIU in Brussels yesterday.


UT module wins an award for innovative education

The UT module ‘Smart ways to make smart cities smarter’ has won the ECIU Team Award for Innovation in Teaching and Learning.


New ECIU exchange program starts in September

The University of Twente now offers its students yet another possibility for studying abroad: ECIU Twin programme in Mechanical Engineering, which allows students to spend a semester at one of the participating ECIU partners.


'Je bent aanjager van het netwerk'

CvB-voorzitter Victor van der Chijs is benoemd tot voorzitter van het European Consortium of Innovative Universities, ECIU. Hij wil de verbinding tussen onderzoek en het bedrijfsleven verder versterken, ECIU als een brand neerzetten en invloed uitoefenen op de agendasetting van FP9, de opvolger van Horizon 2020.


Nieuwe partner bij Europees netwerk ECIU

De UT heeft er een nieuwe partner bij in het netwerk ECIU: de Tampere University of Technology uit Finland. Het Europese netwerk van innovatieve universiteiten bestaat hierdoor uit elf samenwerkingspartners.


Pre-U is going international

Pre-U, a UT program for primary and secondary school pupils, is no longer aimed only at Dutch students. From now on, The Pre-University wants to include more and more international pupils in its activities and it is starting by organizing a German-Dutch seminar this week.

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