´Chemicals may not be sustainable´

Chemical industry is threatened. ´People are leaving it like rats leaving a sinking ship,´ said Edward Cussler, professor of chemical engineering from the University of Minnesota, whose inspirational speech was on today´s program of CuriousU summer school.


Don´t trust anyone who uses 3D-graphs

Another day of CuriousU is here and another inspirational speaker is here with it. Today the main stage of the summer school festival belonged to Ionica Smeets, a famous mathematician who likes to bring science closer to the general public.


How to become happier?

Today´s program of CuriousU summer school carried the theme "happiness". And so how better to start the day than with an inspirational speech by Nic Marks, a world-renowned researcher of happiness and wellbeing? ´Quality of life shouldn´t be measured in GDP per capita, but in Happy Life Years,´ he says.


Verkoop early bird tickets verlengd

De verkoop van early bird tickets voor de summerschool CuriousU is verlengd tot maandag 18 mei. Technische problemen met paypall zat een soepele kaartverkoop in de weg.


First speakers at CuriousU Summer School announced

The organizers of CuriousU, a summer school taking the form of a science festival, have announced the first speakers at the event. Neuro-illusionist Victor Mids, the co-founder of the Mars One project Bas Lansdorp and former CEO of Kees Koolen will be among the speakers on campus during the eight-day summer school, which will take place from 11 to 18 August.


UT summer school like science festival

The summer school organized by the UT in the coming summer will have the feel of a science festival with the name 'Curious U'. The students can personally choose which lectures and workshops to attend by means of a block schedule. All this will be surrounded by a music and cultural programme.


Nieuwe Vacature

Beer Sijpesteijn en Wessel Reijers, beiden student philosophy of science, technology and society, geven wat suggesties voor nieuwe functies op de UT. Ze reageren daarmee op de ingezonden brief van MESA+-hoogleraren.