Only 17% of UT associate professors are women

The number of female associate professors at the UT is low compared to other universities. While the national average is 29.4%, only 17% of all UT associate professors are women. ‘We need to consider this with great care,’ says Vanessa Magnanimo, chairwoman of Female Faculty Network Twente (FFNT).


‘I dream of times when FFNT is not useful anymore’

The Female Faculty Network Twente (FFNT) is celebrating its 15th anniversary this month. As an organisation set up to promote gender diversity at the UT, it has witnessed many successes but the board still sees a lot of room for improvement. ‘Our main goal is that we are not needed anymore.’

Professor Armagan Kocer

‘Curiosity is a disease and there is no cure for me’

‘My main goal is being useful while satisfying my curiosity,’ says Armagan Kocer (49), newly appointed professor of Bioelectric Signaling and Engineering at the UT. In her inaugural lecture today, she’ll talk of her scientific missions, one of which is stopping cancer metastases.


Alice & Eve: about cool women in computing

‘Alice & Eve: a celebration of women in computing’ is the name of a congress and exhibition, held on the 24th of January at the University of Twente. ‘We want to show the amazing work that women are doing in computer science,’ says UT researcher Sophie Lathouwers, one of the organizers. ‘Everyone is welcome, also men.’

TU/e 'women only' policy

‘We are still not where we want to be'

Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) has started its Irène Curie program: as of July 2019 it considers only female applicants. Professor Kees Storm from TU/e held a lunch discussion in the Gallery today to talk about this controversial policy. ‘We are doing extraordinarily bad so we need an extraordinary measure to catch up.’


Percentage of female professors up sharply

Dutch universities are employing more and more women as full professors. Women now occupy 23 percent of professorships, according to the latest figures, which means nearly one in four. There are, however, considerable differences between universities.


‘Harassment and intimidation happen everywhere’

‘We need an independent entity that has the power to help you,’ says Vanessa Magnanimo, the chairwoman of the FFNT (Female Faculty Network Twente) in her reaction to the alarming report on ‘harassment in Dutch academia’, which was published by the Dutch Network of Women Professors (LNVH) earlier this week.


Vrouwen en mannen in de wetenschap gaan nog niet gelijk op

Ze krijgen net iets minder reisbudget, besteden minder tijd aan onderzoek en hebben vaker een tijdelijk contract; kleine verschillen die er samen voor zorgen dat de ongelijkheid tussen mannen en vrouwen in de wetenschap nog niet de wereld uit is.


‘Experiment’ to find female professors for Hypatia chairs

During a lunch held by FFNT (Female Faculty Network) yesterday, Dean of the EEMCS faculty Joost Kok shared the unique approach the faculty took to fill the Hypatia positions. ‘We decided to hire QSXL company. They conducted a market scan and helped us identify specific countries to concentrate on.’


‘The academic world is very hostile’

What does the academic world look like if you at it through the eyes of your daughters? That was the main question guiding yesterday’s debate in Vrijhof organized by Studium Generale and Human Resources department of the UT.


Female scientists from the UT nominated for VIVA400 award

Seven scientists from the University of Twente have made onto the VIVA400 list, which annually names 400 inspiring women who excel in their field. You can vote for your favourite and the award winners will be announced on the 15th of November.

Manage your career course

‘There are still pitfalls for women at the UT’

‘Manage your career’ is a course designed specifically for women who want to make the next step in their career at the UT. Its tenth edition will start this October. ‘It’s still harder for women to reach the (sub)top,’ the trainer Sandra Doelman explains the purpose of this female-only course.

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