Research into diversity and inclusivity in the workplace in Twente

‘We want to make it easier for people who come after us’

Three international UT students have conducted research into diversity and inclusivity in the workplace in Twente. ‘We wanted to put in the effort, so that people like us have more opportunities in the region.’


‘Hallo allemaal!’ Tien tips voor inclusieve lessen

Je moet ergens beginnen, vindt de LSVb. Bij de start van het nieuwe studiejaar verspreidt de studentenvakbond tien tips voor docenten om een ‘inclusieve sfeer in het klaslokaal’ te bevorderen.


New DE&I plan: ‘Social safety as a clear fundament’

Better access to campus facilities and increasing the amount of all gender toilets. Those are two examples of action points from the new Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) Action Plan. The plan for 2022-2024 was formally approved by the University Council today.


Autism Awareness Day: ‘I’d say I’m an extremely creative person’

‘Autism is not a burden. There are beautiful things connected to it as well.’ In honor of the Autism Awareness Day on 2 April, UT student Abigail Groenenboom (25) shares what it’s like to be on the spectrum and how the university could better support autistics. ‘If everyone knew that autism is just a different neurotype, it would take some of the pain away.’

UT President Vinod Subramaniam about Purple Friday

‘Conversations about LGBTQI+ should be nurtured’

On the occasion of Purple Friday, UT President Vinod Subramaniam shared his observations and reflections on diversity and LGBTQI+ inclusivity at universities, at an online breakfast session organized by Workplace Pride this morning. ‘It is a pity that we have only one day dedicated to this, when it should be done every day.’


‘We want to start a dialogue about inclusion’

Identifying barriers and developing equal opportunities for students and employees. That is the main goal of the ‘Feeling at Home @ UT’ initiative by the Shaping Expert Group Inclusion, starting this week. ‘This is not intended to be therapy.’

The UT’s new Gender Equality Plan

‘We need to continue the focus on gender equality’

Running a new Hypatia Chair campaign, exploring possibilities to attract female students and conducting an internal soft audit. These are some of the actions outlined in the new Gender Equality Plan (GEP) from the University of Twente.


UT signs UN Declaration of Intent for studying with a disability

The University of Twente has signed the UN Declaration of Intent, committing to being an inclusive and accessible institute for students with a disability. The official signing by UT vice-president Machteld Roos took place today in Ravelijn.

Interview with Sterre Mkatini about D&I action plan

‘Diversity is a fact, inclusion is an act’

The UT has its first diversity and inclusion action plan in place. The overarching goal: to create a safe university where everyone feels welcome. First steps to reaching that goal include a diversity and inclusion week, setting up an anti-discrimination statement and more focus on the theme during the Kick-In. D&I officer Sterre Mkatini explains about the action plan.